Noggins ABC/123

Director of 3D

Noggins ABC and Noggins 123 are two original series aimed at teaching basic math and literacy skills to audiences 3-5 years old. On the Noggin app, this series paired an animated short with a game so kids had an opportunity to learn a skill and apply it during the game.

We partnered with Nathan Love to create a new visual style for this series that I directed along with the animation director. The goal was to create a unique Noggin version of Nick Jr. characters from multiple different IPs that could exist in one cohesive look. This style needed to be appealing first but quick to animate, light, and render. The result was a really stylized toon-shaded look that allowed for a lot of fun squash and stretch exaggerated animation.

In production I directed a team in modeling, rigging, surfacing, lighting, and compositing across all episodes and games. The Noggin internal production team was responsible for animation on 8 shorts and all 20 games. We partnered with Digitoonz to animate the remaining 12 animated shorts where I provided direction across all 3D production.




Avg. 2:00


Noggin app & partner channels, YouTube


Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke, After Effects, Premiere


Director of 3D: Peter Kiger
Animation Director: Ross Norton
Art Director: Sarah Rebar
Character Design: Nathan Love
Design: Amy Stadelmann, Lynda Nettleship-Carraher,
Animation Supervisor: Luis Mendez, Nicole Morciniec, Brandon Fletcher
3D Generalist: Daunish Irani, Francesca Sciacca, Hailey Akre, Jocelyn Lee
Rigging: Ricardo Terra
Animation: Dasha Prosyannikova, Matt Cerini, Stephen Rodriguez, Mateo Ruiz, Rachel Nam
Additional Animation: Digitoonz