Who I Am


I am an animator and filmmaker pursuing my love of telling great stories. My passion for movies keeps me pushing myself on every project. I am always looking to learn new techniques and expand my abilities.

At the core of everything I do lies the love for making the fantastical come to life.

As many children, I loved cartoons from an early age. I remember renting countless Inspector Gadget VHS tapes from the local library. I don't think there was a single one that I hadn't seen. As I grew up, my love for cartoons and movies always stayed with me. My tastes moved from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman to Star Wars and Jurassic Park. The spectacualr special effects in these movies in the early days of 3D animation inspired me to pursue animation as a career.


2017 -
Wrote and Directed Imaginext "Mystery of the Serpent Strike Pyramid" animated short
2017 -
Directed "I love Colors" and "BeatBo Says" music videos
2016 -
Directed music videos for BeatBo, BeatBelle, and BeatBowWow. "Color to the Beat, Paws Up, Best Friends Count to Ten"
2015 -
Directed BeatBo music videos "BeatBo Boogie, The BeatBo Shake, ABC Dance, Freeze Dance"
2015 -
Directed Imaginext Dino Fortress TV commercial
2014 -
Lead Design Animator at Fisher-Price for Little People music video production
2013 -
Design Animator at Fisher-Price for meet the Little People music video production
2012 -
Design Animator at Fisher-Price for meet the Little People and Imaginext look development
2011 -
Design Animator at Fisher-Price for Imaginext - Hassle With the Castle Production
2010 -
Premiered first short film, How To Fold a Towel
2010 -
Graduated Savannah College of Art and Design



Knowledgeable in a multitude of software programs including Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Creative Suite. Able to work independently or as a member of a team.

  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • 3D modeling
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Python and Mel
  • Rendering and compositing
  • Editing
  • Look development
  • Storyboarding
Fine Art

Foundation of fine art abilities including:

  • Photography
  • Life drawing
  • Creative writing
  • Illustration
  • Sculpture